Borden IT, LLC

  • Employee Certifications: CloudBees Jenkins Certified Engineer 2020, Security+, Solarwinds Certified Professional, CISSP, ITIL Expert, ISO 27001
  • Active Contracts: 2 (1 DoD Subcontract, 1 Commercial)
  • DUNS Number: 111313935
  • CAGE Code: 8AU89


"Enable the use of modern Information Technology(IT) capabilities."

Within the DoD, DevOps is starting to be used more widely and monolithic technology is desperately in need of replacement. We want to enable the removal of dead, or dying, technology. New technology reduces your dependencies on a few key people, and attracts new talent with new perspective. New technology is smarter, cheaper and faster to maintain. Knowledge articles for the latest technology are actively maintained in numerous places throughout the internet. College graduates are up to speed with the latest technology and they are looking to make an immediate impact utilizing their skill sets. Using the latest technology enables a path forward for your information technology organization and your business.


"Deliver value and foster positive relationships with customers, employees, partners, and the community in the design, implementation, and use of modern technology stacks that fully enable government and commercial customers in achieving their information technology goals for cost reduction, increased effectiveness and efficiency, and overall IT modernization."


Jesse J. Borden, Owner & CEO, and St. Bonaventure University MBA graduate, started this company in January of 2019. He has been working in the DoD as a Program Manager, Systems Architect, Release Manager, Quality Assurance Analyst, and in various other roles. Through learning the various aspects of these roles within different DoD organizations; such as, DISA, Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) and USMEPCOM, it is evident that different DoD organizations value different things. Additionally, each DoD organization is at different levels of maturity in various process areas. One organization might have a mature software development team, where the other might only have 1 person, who against the odds never is able to build the software desired due to the tooling support available within the organization. This business focuses in areas where there is a common customer interest to use Information Technology to better their service.


Our Falling Waters, West Virginia location allows us to work closely with customers in Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington D.C.